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Manage Your Client List

Advisors have the option to sort the client module by connection status or other data such as their name, email, or documents.

Advisors who run their practice through Link have a lot of clients to manage. Advisors can find a client profile in three main ways:

  • Searching in the search bar. 
  • Searching by connection or "friendship" status. 
  • Searching by client information such as name, email, messages, or documents. 


To find clients using the search bar: 

  1. Type in the client's name in the search bar on the home dashboard or in the client module. 

    Search by search bar

To sort clients based on connection status:

  1. Press the drop-down next to "Status" on the home dashboard or in the client module.
    Search based on status

  2. The options include:
    1. All: Includes every client that fits in one of the drop-down categories
    2. Accepted: Clients on Link who have accepted their friend request and made a profile on Link. 
    3. Pending: Clients who were sent a request to join Link but have not yet done so. 
    4. Not Invited: Clients who have profiles made by their advisor but have not yet received an invitation to join Link. 
    5. Awaiting Response: People who have a Link profile but have not yet accepted a friend request, such as a secondary professional. 

To sort by client information: 

Advisors can search for their clients based on information such as their name, email, last login, messages, and documents. 

  1. Press the drop-down next to "Sort by" on the home dashboard or in the client module.
  2. You will see the entire list of sorting options. Select the information you wish to sort by.

    search by client information