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Convert Prospects to Clients

If your Link subscription includes the Prospecting module, you will be able to convert your clients' connections from prospects to clients.

Converting a prospect to a client opens up more functionality with the person.  As a prospect, an advisor can only send documents to the client.  Once converted to a client, the advisor now has all client functionality to collaborate and share with this person.  

As an advisor, we recommend reading the Link Advisor Guide located in your Advisor Document Library to learn about best practices for reaching out to prospects through Link. However, when it is time to convert a prospect to one of your clients, follow the steps below. 

Note: Once a prospect is converted to a client, they will take up one of the seats in the advisor subscription. 

  1. Select the Prospects tab from the menu on the left side of the home page.

    Convert prospects 1

  2. Select the prospect you would like to convert to a client. 

    Convert prospects 2

  3. Select the green button that says "Convert to client" 

Convert prospects 3