Estate Planning Signature Pages

If your advisor is offering the estate planning module through their Link subscription, you will need your signature pages to finalize your documents once you have completed the process.

  1. Once you have completed the entire estate planning module, the platform will generate signature pages. For help navigating the estate planning module, check out this knowledge base article: Estate Planning Module Walkthrough. 
  2. Press download and print out the signature pages. Each document in your estate plan has a signature page.
  3. Your documents must be signed and dated for them to be legally binding. The process of dating and signing your documents is called executing your documents. Most of the documents in your estate plan require your signature to be notarized. A few others, such as your will, require your signature to be witnessed. Each signature page indicates clearly whether a notary or witness is required.
  4. Once you have executed all your documents, scan and email them to
  5. Upon receipt of your scanned signature pages, the LegacyShield system reads the QR code and attaches each signature page to its respective document in the client’s Files & Documents section. 

Please make sure to retain your originally signed signature pages.  Although, everything will be digitally stored for you in our system.  The original signatures will be needed to settle the estate.