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Remove a Client

If you need to remove a client for any reason, you are able to do so.

  1. Select your client from the home dashboard or from the "clients" tab on the navigation menu.

    Remove Client 1

  2. The contact will read "connected" if the client is taking up a seat in your Link account. Select the drop-down menu where it says "connected." 

    Remove Connection 2

  3. Select the button from the drop-down that reads "remove connection" to remove that client. 

    Remove Connection 3

  4. You will be asked again if you want to remove the client. Press the button that says "yes, remove this client." 

    Remove Connection 4

Important note: Removing clients does not remove the client from Link.  Removing a client removes your connection to that client and may impact some advanced features, but your clients will not lose any saved Files & Documents or information saved in the Insurance, Finance, Final Wishes, or Life Stories modules.