Link Security

As a technology company, there is nothing more important than protecting the privacy of our users. Kevin Higginbotham, LegacyShield’s Chief Technology Officer, provided a scope of our security measures below.

Our Philosophy on Security 

We believe information security exists to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of protected data. Security is a paramount concern, especially for the types of data that our users entrust us with. LegacyShield recognizes its responsibility to ensure that data is secure, and we do so by leveraging an in-depth defense strategy with multiple layers of protection in place. All data exchanged within our platform is encrypted in transit and encrypted at rest. This is a must-have for secure communications, and we build upon that foundation to provide the best possible protection for exchanging information between two parties.


Evaluating a Company in Relation to Security 

When evaluating a company based on security, you should review:

  • The privacy policy - what data is being collected and how it is going to be used
  • How a company stores your data to keep it secure
  • Check and see if the organization has a history of security missteps or other red flags

Ultimately, it comes down to your level of trust with the provider.


Our Security Defense 

We offer:

  • Routine scanning for behaviors and activity that seem out of place or anything that is unexpected or anomalous
  • Multi-factor authentication in Link - and we encourage users to require more than a strong password to access their account details

We recognize the unique risks internal and corporate systems may pose and routinely work with our team, partners, and vendors to ensure that we're protecting against all vectors of attack and not just those that are client-facing.


How We Measure Success 

We place security at the forefront, recognizing it cannot be implemented as an afterthought. Security review is incorporated into our software development processes, and significant changes receive additional scrutiny. Though all of our engineers are well-versed in security, we keep a system of checks and balances in place so that nothing is introduced into the production environment without a security review. LegacyShield also reviews security as a whole during our regular meetings.