Edit Client Profile

This article discusses how to update or edit your profile. Similar to a social media profile, you want to have your basic information filled out fully and accurately. This will allow your advisor to deviate you within the app.


  1. While logged in to your Link account hover over your name and email in the top right corner. Select the “Manage Profile” option.

  2. Users can  update and/or edit your profile information inside of your Link account under the "My User Profile" tab under the bolded "Account Settings." Filling out the boxes provided for your information will allow your advisor to better cater to your needs and understand more about you. You are not obligated to fill out every box, but it is highly recommended. 


  3. If you are interested in changing your profile photo, select the blue “Edit” button under the profile picture on the right. 

  4. Follow the prompts, and you will be able to update your profile picture.